Our Impact

We create native forests with every purchase.

Every Purchase Builds Biodiversity

We invest 1% of every purchase with our partner SUGi.

SUGi Forest Makers and Ocean Gardeners use our funds to build biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems. By investing in SUGi, we are underwriting their work to restore SUGi’s 9 Key Elements of Biodiversity: healthy species, water, land & sea forests, plants, soil, and air, as well as the reduction in your carbon footprint and positive social impact. Every dollar invested boosts the yield of “the SUGi 9” and grows the interconnected benefits of a web of terrestrial and aquatic forests. That may sound complicated, but it’s really very simple. Think of it as the way many contributions add up to a healthy endowment. With SUGi, we're building the healing and learning centers for the next generation.