Frequently Asked Questions

Mab Sticks are full spectrum botanical remedies designed to unlock your body’s potential. Each Mab Stick is a specially-formulated blend of highly concentrated, premium quality botanical extracts that dissolve easily in water, smoothies or other (citrus or fruit friendly) beverages.

Mab Sticks are designed to unlock your body’s potential by providing targeted nutrition where you need extra support. Mab Sticks are not designed to treat chronic or acute medical conditions. All formulas are overseen by leading phytochemists and seasoned herbalists.

Recovery Cream is designed to provide relief for tense, sore and aching bodies. Our Founder started working on Recovery Cream over two years ago as a means of managing her pain from multiple back injuries. Over one hundred iterations later, Recovery Cream was born; it is a perfect synthesis of botanically infused oils, tinctures, aromatherapy.

Most people find that our products provide a perceivable impact within 10-30 minutes of ingestion or application. In addition, you’ll find that consistent daily use of Mab Sticks and Recovery Cream provides a cumulative impact and amplifies their effectiveness.

You can shake or mix Mab Sticks into any 8-12 oz beverage that pairs well with fruit or citrus flavors. We love it best shaken into a water bottle, but some people love it in juice, blended into a smoothie, folded into a pudding or yogurt or even as the base of a cocktail.

Mab Sticks can be taken any time of day.  If you’re into sleeping, we do not suggest taking the Energy Mab Sticks close to bedtime.  While they are very low on caffeine (less than half a cup of tea), it’s a highly energizing blend that wakes your body up instead of winding it down.

While Calm Mab Sticks should not make you sleepy, they will put your body into a state of deep relaxation and will promote a more restful sleep at bedtime.  Taken daily, you will find that you sleep well through the night and wake feeling more rested.

Our Energy Mab Stick is the only product we offer that contains caffeine.  The caffeine is naturally derived and comes from our Yerba Mate extract. Compared to a cup of coffee, though, it is a very small amount. The amount of caffeine in an Energy Mab Stick is equivalent to about 10mg of caffeine versus a cup of coffee which has between 70-140mg.

By subscribing, you get 10% off your subscribed products and free shipping on subscription orders. You can skip or cancel at any time before your next order ships.  As consistent daily use is key to feeling the cumulative impact of tonic and adaptogenic botanicals, long-term wellness is the best benefit of subscribing.

Yes, our products are 100 percent vegan. We briefly offered a Body Butter that contained beeswax, but we decided to give the bees a break. We have committed to keeping all of our products free from animal-derived ingredients.

All of our botanical ingredients are organic, responsibly wildcrafted, or ethically cultivated. We do not tolerate the use of pesticides on the plants that go into our formulas. Some farmers from whom we source use traditional cultivation methods that have been around for centuries. Even if an organic certification program is not available to these farmers, we monitor and test to ensure no agrochemicals are present. Any herbs grown in the wild have been ethically harvested.

We’re pursuing certification of our ingredients as 100 percent kosher.

All our ingredients are 100 percent non-GMO.

All our ingredients are 100 percent gluten-free.

Yes, we are incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we build stakeholder impact into our long-term planning as a company. We hold ourselves accountable for measuring and verifying our entire environmental and social performance -- from supply chain and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits. We will be looking to apply for B Corp certification in the near future.

We invest 1% of every purchase with our partner SUGi. SUGi Forest Makers and Ocean Gardeners use our funds to build biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems. By investing in SUGi, we are underwriting their work to restore SUGi’s 9 Key Elements of Biodiversity: healthy species, water, land & sea forests, plants, soil, and air, as well as the reduction in your carbon footprint and positive social impact. 

All our herbs come from farms and suppliers who comply with our high standards for responsibly-sourced and sustainably-grown ingredients. Some herbs are grown outside of the United States by communities that have harvested according to traditional practices for many generations.

All of the plants we use have a high safety profile. We rely on gentle, nourishing botanical extracts that can be taken regularly over the long-term to strengthen and harmonize the body’s systems. If you have any questions about the suitability of a given herb for your specific health needs, sensitivities, or allergies, we recommend that you consult with your physician.

Mab Sticks are not designed for people who are pregnant. We always recommend discussing any supplements one wishes to take with a physician.

At present, we only ship within the United States and U.S. territories.