Herbs for Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu


Cold and flu season is here, yet again. Wondering how high quality herbal supplements can help you through the winter months? Let us count the ways and unpack some key differences between different types of support.

Immune system support has two sides: prevention and treatment. In the world of plant medicine, we speak in terms of immunomodulating and immunostimulating herbs. 

Immunomodulating Herbs

Immune tonics are powerful herbs known to help your body bolster its own natural defense mechanism. Many of these tonic herbs are also adaptogens, which work to balance the body’s physical, mental, and emotional response to stress. They act a bit like an internal neighborhood watch system to build your resistance. They make sure your body is revved up and ready to repel viral invaders. Tonifying herbs are slow-acting and must be taken regularly to have a beneficial and prolonged effect. That’s why we leverage these for our Custom Mab Tabs, which are to be taken every day. With daily use, these herbs (such as, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Tulsi or “Holy Basil”, Rhodiola, Shisandra, and Ginseng) can be very helpful in preventing infection.

Working in tandem and partnership with immunomodulating tonic herbs are a category of herbs we refer to as immune stimulants. Herbs with this action are to be taken on a short-term basis at the onset of a cold or flu. They may also be taken to help speed recovery from an acute infection. Immune stimulants, such as organic Echinacea and responsibly cultivated Golden Seal, are a great way to ramp up your body’s ability to cope when you’re exposed to infection from sick people at work or when you’re traveling by airplane. Use these herbs to “stimulate” your immunity over the short term only. Let the tonic immunomodulating herbs play the maintenance role, as they are okay to take on a long-term basis.

Don’t forget that eating well and getting plenty of sleep, as well as washing your hands frequently, are also very helpful in staving off pathogens and staying strong throughout cold and flu season.

Team Mab may be mixing up a seasonal booster designed for short-term support to supplement your custom daily Mab Tab. We release small batch and beta products to our subscribers first, so be sure to get on the list, if you aren’t already. Drop us a note on Instagram and let us know what’s on your wish list for a new “special edition” Mab Tab. Cheers!